Enjoy 3D without Glasses
The new Eassee3D® App 2.0
for iOS and Android


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Eassee3D App

Eassee3D® App 2.0

Eassee3D® 2.0 – the new dimension of 3D viewing without glasses on every mobile iOS or Android device.
  • Automatic display of all mp4 clips available on the device
  • Easy selection of the clips by finger tip
  • Works with all side by side mp4 clips
  • Virtual 2D/3D converter generate in "real time" virtual 3D
  • Now you can convert every mp4 clip in realtime to 3D and enjoy it instantely
  • 2D/3D toggle switch to the manuell 3D playback
  • Online mode (YouTube) via WiFi or 3G/UMTS.  Now you can access immediately millions of clips in 3D
  • Enter your own search terms and see your favorite clip in 3D without glasses

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